PADI Instructor Exam

PADI FLAGThe PADI Instructor Exam is usually completed over 2 days and is conducted by an Examiner from PADI Head Office to make sure evaluations are fair and impartial.

Using the same evaluation criteria as used during the IDC, candidates are assessed to make sure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to become PADI Instructors.

PADI IEThe IE is a continuation of the process started on the IDC. There will be nothing new introduced during the IE that you haven’t previously covered, so if you pass the IDC you have already reached the standards you need to pass the IE – you just need to repeat your performance for a different evaluator!!


Although it’s easy for us to say, if you can relax and make sure you prepare fully, the IE can actually be a lot of fun!!
You will need to pass all areas of the IE to become certified as a PADI Instructor. The areas you will be evaluated on are:

  • Dive Theory Exams: Physics, Physiology, Skills & the Environment, Equipment and the RDP.
  • PADI Standards Exam
  • a Knowledge Development Teaching Presentation
  • a Confined Water Teaching Presentation
  • Confined Water Skills Demonstration
  • an Open Water Teaching Presentation
  • Rescue Course Exercise # 7 Demonstration.


OWSIOnce you are successful on the IE you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Your paperwork will be sent to PADI head office for processing and it takes about 10-14 days before you receive teaching status as an Open Water Scuba Instructor, and all the fun and the fantastic lifestyle it brings with it. Where you go to use your new qualification is up to you - you can choose one of the many fantastic diving destinations around the world: Go Pro - the possibilities are endless!!




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