Instructor Internship and Job Placement

Learn from our experienced InstructorsAfter successful completion of the PADI IE, any IDC Candidates that have signed up for the MSDT Prep Course with us are invited to join our FREE two week Internship once the MSDT Training has been completed.

New instructors will participate in a number of courses and will work alongside The Dive Academy's experienced Instructors to learn how to conduct and organise courses, DSD Programs and generally learn more about being a PADI Instructor.

Any candidate that has registered and paid to take the MSDT Prep Course with The Dive Academy will complete the training for the 5 Specialty Courses chosen before joining the Internship. This allows time for the new instructor to receive Teaching Status and will also offer more options for courses during the Internship.



Job Placement Scheme

The Dive Academy Job Placement Scheme is open to IDC candidates of The Dive Academy that also take part in the MSDT Prep Course and have been through the Free two week internship.

At the end of the two week internship there are 3 outcomes for the Job Placement Scheme depending on the candidate meeting specific criteria during the Prep Course and the internship and depending on position availability at the time.

Option 1 is if there are no positions available to join The Dive Academy dive crew or we feel the candidate doesn’t meet the criteria required. The Candidate will receive a refund of part of his IDC payment so that the total cost of the IDC will be 30,000 baht – 25% discount of normal price.

Option 2, subject to availability, the candidate will be invited to join The Dive Academy dive crew on a short term contract to work until they have earned the full amount of what they paid for the IDC when they will be refunded the amount in full.

Option 3, subject to availability, will lead to the candidate being offered a one year contract to work as a full time member of The Dive Academy dive crew.  

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