IDC Self Preparation

As with all PADI Courses there is a fair amount of self-study involved on the IDC. Without prior preparation passing the IDC will be very difficult. You should begin your preparation some time before the IDC, so that by the time the IDC begins you only need to refresh.

Diving Knowledge WorkbookParticular areas you should prepare for in advance are:
Dive Theory - if you have only recently completed the Divemaster Course the dive theory should still be fresh in your mind. If it has been a while since you completed the Divemaster Exams, you are crossing over from another organisation or just to refresh your knowledge, you should complete as many dive theory exams as you can, including retaking the Divemaster Exams. You should also review the Diving Knowledge Workbook along with the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving to remind you.

Demonstration Quality Skills - the same skills you were evaluated on Mask Clearingduring the Divemaster Course. Concentrate on skills you feel you are weak on and try to perfect skills like mask removal & replacement, CESA, hovering, weight belt and equipment removal and buddy breathing. Also, practise Rescue Course exercise #7 - unconscious diver on the surface as you will need to demonstrate this during the Instructor Exam (IE).


Standards and Procedures - become familiar with your Instructor Manual and make sure your manual is up to date - you can check on the PADI Website for the latest updates. Learn where to find the standards for particular courses and more general standards. When you are familiar with the Instructor Manual complete the Standards and Procedures exam that you can find in the Instructor Candidate Workbook, which will be reviewed during the IDC Prep Course.


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