IDC Program

padi-idc-theoryPADI's IDC Curriculum combines the Assistant Instructor (AI) and Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) Courses into a continuous ten day program. Only successful completion of the whole IDC will allow you to enter the IE, although you can receive the Assistant Instructor rating by completing the first 3 days.

The IDC concentrates on developing your teaching and presentation skills and you will be continuously evaluated to make sure that by the end of padi-idc-scuba-instructorthe IDC you have reached the standards you need to successfully complete the PADI Instructor Exam.

The IDC is a performance based course which means you will need to meet specific performance requirements to complete the IDC. You will have a number of opportunities to meet the standards required, and we
will spend as much time and give you as much help as you need until you reach the standards.

padi-idc-instructorThe evaluation criteria we use during the IDC is the same as used by the PADI Examiner on the IE, so you will know that by successfully completing the IDC you will be ready to attend the IE.

The main aim of the IDC is to prepare you to pass the IE. However, The Dive Academy's IDC's will also give you invaluable advice, tips and ideas
that will help prepare you to work as an Instructor after the IE.


 Successful completion of the IDC requires candidates to:

  • Attend and participate in all 18 curriculum presentations.
  • Present at least three evaluated knowledge development teaching presentations;
  • Present at least four evaluated confined water teaching presentations;
  • Present at least two integrated evaluated open water teaching presentations;
  • Demonstrate competence at performing all 24 dive skills listed on the Skill Evaluation.
  • Perform a 800 metres/yards swim using mask, snorkel and fins.
  • Score 75% or higher on all five dive theory exams.
  • Score 75% or higher on the Assistant Instructor Standards Exam.

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