IDC Equipment Requirements

If you didn't have your own set of equipment during the Divemaster Course, you will certainly need one to complete the IDC and for use once you become an Instructor.

Having your own equipment during training allows you to become familiar with it and will make your training and diving easier and more comfortable. If you do already have your own equipment and are not sure what to bring then bring everything you have. If you tend to feel the cold then make sure you bring a full length 3-5mm wetsuit, particularly if you are taking the IDC during the cooler months.

Aqualung LELGEND RegulatorDuring the IDC, candidatess are expected to have all of the following standard diver equipment:
fins, mask, snorkel, buoyancy control device with low pressure inflator, regulator, alternate air source, submersible pressure gauge, weight system, appropriate exposure protection, timing device, depth gauge, compass, knife / diverís tool, slate, dive table and two surface signaling audible (whistle, air horn, etc.) and one visual (inflatable surface tube, flare, etc.), Dive computer or RDP (eRDPML or Table).

Dive KnifeThe Dive Academy will provide tanks, weights and weight belts for the duration of the IDC.
If there is any item of equipment you donít have you can buy it from The Dive Academy and you will get 10% discount on anything you buy.

If you need to buy a full set of equipment we will give you advice and recommendations about what you need and what is the best option for you. As well as our honest, invaluable advice you will also receive 15% discount.

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